Saturday, 10 November 2012

Rosary Crusade 2012

The Rosary Crusade 2012 once again brought Marian devotion to the heart of London!  On the anniversary of the Miracle of the sun at Fatima, the little statue, blessed by Pope Pius XII, headed a wonderful procession from all walks of life.  There is no more Catholic an event in all meanings of that word.  On one of the few relatively clement days in October this year, around 2000 pilgrims made the journey between the two greatest London Catholic Churches to honour Our Lady in the month of the Most Holy Rosary.  On arrival at the Oratory, a ceremony of hymns, prayers and readings was crowned by solemn Benediction.  Father Julian Large, new Provost of the London Oratory, preached a fine sermon and Fr Ronald Creighton-Jobe, chaplain to the Crusade, reminded everyone to pray for the Repose of the soul of Fr Hugh Thwaites, former chaplain to the Crusade, though one is tempted to believe that such a holy priest is already busy in Heaven praying for all the pilgrims.  Certainly, Father's spirit seemed to guide the procession this year as everything proceeded very smoothly indeed.  Join us next year!

More photos can be found here.


Friday, 21 September 2012

Fr. Hugh Simon-Thwaites, RIP

Please pray the rosary for Fr Hugh Simon-Thwaites who went to his Eternal reward on 21 August 2012.  Without Fr Thwaites, there would be no Rosary Crusade.  May he be very active in Heaven!